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Musk says Twitter is losing cash because

Elon Musk Claims Twitter’s Publicizing System is Costing the Organization Cash Elon Musk, the frank President of Tesla and SpaceX, as of late stood out as truly newsworthy with his comments about Twitter’s publicizing methodology. Musk Says Twitter As per Musk, Twitter is losing cash because of its way to deal, recommending that the virtual entertainment stage’s ongoing adaptation endeavours …

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iPhone Sets World Record with $150,000 Auction Price

Interesting Unopened 4GB 2007 iPhone Establishes Worldwide Best with $150,000 Closeout Cost On May 28, an uncommon unopened arrangement of four 2007 iPhones sold at a Sotheby’s closeout for $150,000. This is the most significant cost at any point paid for an iPhone at sell-off, and perhaps the greatest cost at any point paid for a PDA of any sort. …

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